It took me years to realize that gurus are ordinary flawed human beings.
You can take a crash course by checking these links.

“Armed with wit, insight, and truly astonishing research, Geoffrey Falk utterly demolishes the notion of the enlightened guru who can lead devotees to nirvana. This entertaining and yet deadly serious book should be read by everyone pursuing or thinking of pursuing the path of guru devotion.”

– John Horgan, author of Rational Mysticism

“Lachs’s observation that Zen is as liable to abuse as any other human endeavor, and that we should always be diligent and responsible for what we accept as well as what we do, is terribly important.”

– James Ishmael Ford in his book Zen Master Who?

“This is, without a doubt, the most disturbing book on Zen I have ever read. I thank wholeheartedly Brian Victoria for his courage, determination and compassion for writing it and recommend it unreservedly to all Zen students. We can only advance in our practice by knowing what is right in Zen and what is so horribly wrong in it. The heart of compassion of Buddhist practice calls for forgiveness for these misguided teachers; the intellect demands that we in the West never allow our Zen practice to be perverted in this way; and the spirit just weeps.”