Some one liners that crossed my mind


“Being religious is a form of stress management.”

“Life is the same as death. They are both unsolvable problems.”

“Neurosis is a continuously failing attempt to attain permanent stability.”

“Within the ego, having illusions is the basis for mental health.”

“Optimism is insanity. You’re not going to live forever.”

“Life is a constant struggle to keep denying your weak points.”

“God is a conspiracy theory.”

“Science is the worst religion, because it is actually true.”

“Being charming is being patronizing in a friendly way.”

“If we would not name things, what would they be..?”

“Doubt is a search for (what you can) trust.”

“Believing that someone can be perfect, is being paranoid.”

“Stopping to have a goal is starting to be yourself.”

“Zen meditation is an exercise in leaning on nothing.”